Why Move?

People consider moving for many reasons including:

  • Changing health needs
  • Bereavement
  • The house and garden have become ‘too much’
  • To be closer to local amenities and transport links
  • To release capital to enjoy life more
  • Move closer to family or friends who can support them
  • For more suitable accommodation
  • Plan for the future
  • Change of environment

There are several matters to consider when moving. Our advice is to take your time and avoid making any rash decisions. That is why we offer a Free* initial consultation for  to discuss the options that will suit your needs.

You may want to involve a family member or friend at this meeting. Please contact us to start the discussion, or find a time we can meet with you.

*A discretionary £30 consultation fee is charged, but credited if you then go on to use Seamless Relocation

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