What We Do

Seamless Relocation provides a complete home relocation service, designed for older people, the most vulnerable of society and their families. Every situation  is unique and everyone’s fears and concerns are unique to them. That’s why our services are completely bespoke which allows us to tailor our services and reflect your exacting requirements. Whether it is a complete move or people just needing help with a part of their move, Seamless Relocation is perfectly positioned to help you and your family. We work with you with compassion, sympathy and understanding allowing you to have the flexibility of being actively involved, or more remotely where we do all the work, acting on your instruction. 

  • FREE Consultation *
  • Planning – floor planning, sorting, packing
  • Sourcing, short-list and inspect suitable properties
  • Manage agents and provide property presentation advice
  • Value items for disposal
  • Facilitate disposal, sale or recycling of unwanted items
  • Pack all your goods ready for the move
  • Read meters and notify utilities of changes
  • Send out change of address cards/emails etc.
  • Unpack your items and set them out in your new home. This includes all rooms
  • Ensure you are settled in your new home
  • Make sure you are registered with your local services – doctors etc.
  • Ongoing secretarial and administrative service in your home
  • Emotional support
  • Post-move support to ensure that your well-being is good and that there are no issues

We know that everyone’s situation is different, that’s why we tailor our service to reflect your specific requirements. We are completely flexible and will do everything for you, or as little as you want and or even if you want to do some of the work yourself, we will be happy to work along side you or you family and friends.

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Contact Us

*A discretionary £30 consultation fee is charged for face-to-face appointments, which is refundable if you then go on to use Seamless Relocation. Telephone and online consultations are free.