Our Partners

Seamless Relocation is proud to work alongside and be recognised by many partners including:

Age UK

Age UK members, including Age UK London and Age UK groups across the Home Counties

City of Westminster

Assistance is offered to tenants living within Westminster, to help them move more easily. This service helps to free-up larger homes which are then able to be used as multiple dwellings, which in turn help reduce overcrowding.


Seamless Relocation is proud to provide the FirstStop Moving Home Service. FirstStop is an information service for carers and older people, providing advice on care and housing in later life. We are pleased to support this charity with donations.

The Stroke Association

The Stroke Association works with and promotes Seamless Relocation because many stroke survivors need practical and emotional help when returning home from or hospital or care, or when moving home. Seamless Relocation are please to provide a donation for all Stroke Association clients we work with.

Stress and Anxiety Counselling

For some people regardless of age, additional support is needed to help aid the moving process. many people suffering from depression and anxiety also hoard things. Seamless relocation offer sympathetic solutions for de-clutter lives both in the physical and mental world.

The Carole Spiers Group

Seamless Relocation work with The Carole Spiers Group who offer help in relieving stress and improving wellbeing in the home, at work and across all ages.

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