When Seamless Relocation works with you to facilitate your move, you get a fully trained and credentialed manager who will come and manage every part of your moving experience, making sure everything goes according to plan.

This includes:

  • A FREE consultation*
  • Working with Estate Agents, care homes and other potential new homes and finding the best option that works for you.
  • Working with you to create a floorplan of your new home so you know what furniture you can take and where it will fit
  • Going through all of your belongings and work out what we can get in your new home, what you will give to family and friends, what will go to charity and what we will need to dispose of.
  • Coordinate and action items to be donated, sent to family or disposed of
  • Pack and box all belongings for shipment or removal
  • Packing your current home and unpack and set up your new home
  • Coordinate dates and times to ensure a stress free move
  • Dealing with all utilities. cancelling existing and setting up new ones

We make your move easy. We work with compassion, understanding, patience and professionalism making the whole process stress free for you. We work alongside you and your family or friends to ensure you are happy and comfortable with the whole process.

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After years of collecting things, when it comes to moving and often downsizing, we have to let go of items that are no longer needed. This can be a difficult and highly emotional process, especially on your own, that is why Seamless relocation will appoint a specialist manager to help you. We understand the emotional and sentimental ties many items you own will have, but there are solutions to this, by giving things to family and friends, so you know your prized items will go to a good home. Of course your most important possessions will move with you and we can ensure they are packed and moved safe and sound.

Ultimately it is your home, your space and they are your possessions and our purpose is just to support you in making the right decisions to meet your needs.

Once everything has been decided upon, we can help you send items to friends and family. prepare them to be sent to your new home, put things into storage or dispose of them to charities or recycling centres.

It is often important to do this work before you even put your current home up for sale, as prospective buyers will view a well presented home free from clutter more readily than they would one that is not, and this can affect the price you achieve.

*A discretionary £30 consultation fee is charged, but credited if you then go on to use Seamless Relocation