Case Studies

Searching for a more suitable place
Mr V’s children live overseas and were concerned that his flat at the top of five flights of stairs had become unmanageable due to a decrease in mobility. This was increasing his social isolation. After an initial consultation, with his daughter present, Mr V employed Seamless to research and then accompany him to see different types of accommodation.  These included sheltered housing, private rented flats, and almshouses.

Throughout the search his children were kept updated by email so could remain part of the process even though they were not present.  Having found somewhere to live the next stage was to help Mr V declutter his current home prior to selling it and then handle the estate agents and solicitors for him.

Decluttering and sorting all that stuff

Age UK referred Mrs H to Seamless Relocation because her six bedroom house was overflowing with goods collected over a lifetime. She realised that she needed to clear the house prior to moving as she had already bought a two bedroom retirement property and was keen to move.


It was a huge task – we worked with Mrs H and her friend to decide what to keep, sell and give away to charity. Like many others, Mrs H found it very hard to let go initially. We recognised that for some people this is very difficult because their possessions are their life. The whole project was handled sensitively with empathy and common sense. The house is now cleared and on the market and Mrs H has moved into her new home.

Help! I am moving

Miss C had spoken to Seamless Relocation about helping her prepare for moving day. She knew there was a lot of planning and preparation to do before the actual move – from sending furniture to auction to donating items to charity. We put a schedule together so that when contracts were exchanged Miss C knew what was going where and when. Several sorting sessions helped empty cupboards of clothes and other possessions, removals quotes were obtained and the change of address details collated in advance.


We were able to guide Miss C through moving day, taking and reporting utility readings, leaving her at the end of the day with the bed made, clothes put away and the kitchen unpacked. Miss C found moving day (and the month prior) much less stressful than it could have been.

Practical support to help you move home.

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