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Recognising the growing care needs of the elderly, two professional women created the first moving home service in the UK in 2004 and in 2018 they passed it onto a Daughter and Mother team who have worked alongside the ladies to get a good background on the business and its customers’ needs. The innovative service has been carefully developed and many techniques pioneered to minimise the difficulties in the moving home process. In conjunction with trusted professionals, the company continues to expand its geographical area of operations and hone its services.

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Our Staff

Serena Duggal

Serena is an experienced property manager who has over 5 years of working in the property industry. She is also qualified in accountancy and events managment therefore organisation & systematic skills is a key talent of hers. She has interests in charity work for the homeless and elderley of which she ran a few projects alongside her church managing events and providing support to those in need. 

Sonia Duggal 

Sonia is an experienced empathetic manager. She has run projects alongside The Salvation Army & her local church where she assisted in managing a charity called “Feed the Hungry Heart” in aid of helping the homeless and elderley. She has an interest in history and also volunteers for the National Trust

Serena, Sonia and other colleagues work across most of the UK including London, South East, Home Counties, Midlands, and further afield. They often assist families who live abroad with family back home. They also help expats who are returning to the UK and need assistance.

Practical support to help you move home.

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