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Practical support to help you move home.


Why choose Seamless?

We are a caring & independent downsizing service to enable older people and others requiring support to move home. Highly experienced, we take care of all aspects of moving home.

From finding a new property, selling the old, de-cluttering, organising utilities and services through to settling you in on moving day, we can help with all or just part of the move. Moving is an emotional and physically taxing experience for anyone. If someone has spent many years in the same home, particularly if they are now on their own, the whole process can seem overwhelming. What can we do for you?


How can we help you?

Personal Service

We offer a free initial one to one meeting to discuss your options. Our aim is to ensure all your requirements are tailor made to suit you accordingly. Once you make your decision you will be assigned a moving manager enabling you to deal with one person at all times therefore you are able to build a repour with that person from beginning to the end of our services to you.

Fast & Friendly Support

During the process of moving home we will ensure to answer any questions you may have efficiently and effectively. Our team are dedicated to making sure all of our clients are 100% satisfied with our service.

Fully Managed service

We offer a wide range of moving home services from dealing with the paper work, packing and unpacking contents of your home, removals service and liaising with agents and utility companies etc. Seamless Relocation is there to make to your moving home experience stress free therefore we are able to accommodate to the best of our ability when it comes to that time for you to relocate.


Customer Experiences

We work with:

  • Individuals and families to move from large homes and maisonettes to more suitable accommodation.

  • Alongside care professionals who need trustworthy and experienced support for their vulnerable clients and seniors.

  • To assist organisations transfer residents from larger properties to free up family sized homes or to support regeneration.

  • As a resource for corporates for their employees and their families.

Whether you are 55 or 95, our goal is to make each move or downsize as positive and smooth as possible for all concerned. Proud supporters of Older People’s Day.

Practical support to help you move home.

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