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Worried about a move to a Care Home?

Tue, 06/05/2014 - 15:05 - Charmian Boyd


A long standing client has decided it's time to move to a care home, where she could be looked after. But the stories of alleged abuse from the Deanery and the like are worrying her. Obviously these homes are not representative of most care homes or staff, but the headlines mean vulnerable people and their families are scared to move and do feel very worried.  Our  common sense advice is that before you or someone you care for moves, you should:


  • Check out the Care Quality Commission reports on http://www.cqc.org.uk/
  • Spend plenty of time getting to know the home
  • Talk to other relatives and find out where else they looked, ask would they chose this home again
  • Ask visiting people who are currently staying on a respite basis what they think. They aren’t yet committed to the home and will perhaps give you a more enlightened opinion
  • Ask have any people moved from respite to become permanent residents?
  • Spend some time using a respite package if you can.
  • Visit at several different times of day and unannounced.
  • Ask the manager how they can assure you that nothing like this would happen to you or your family? 
  • Ask what is the staff turnover and training (eg in dementia) like?  There should be long term staff and you should see that they are friendly, respectful and caring
  • How is the outside community involved with the home? – the more open the more transparent
  • Do the staff knock before entering residents rooms – ie are they respectful of privacy?
  • Do the staff talk to residents as they move around the home?
  • How do staff and the home make decisions - are residents and family involved?
  • Check out the accidents register
  • Ask if the home is accredited under the Gold Standards Framework for end of life care.


There are other factors to consider when choosing a care home, of course, but the aspect of how residents are cared for is the most critical.  If you need further advice do give us a call.