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Wardrobe weeding time!

Wed, 14/08/2013 - 00:00 - Charmian Boyd


Autumn will soon be upon us and now is the moment to liberate your summer clothes before you move home (or even if you are not).  We all have those clothes that we will fit into when we gain or lose weight, or when they come back into fashion again…..    But those times rarely come so it is good to thin down to manageable levels, especially if you are downsizing and will have less wardrobe space.  Here’s how you start:


  1. Open your wardrobe and pull out all of those garments that you haven’t worn this year.
  2. Ask yourself
    • Is there a good reason for keeping them?
    • Why haven’t you worn them?
    • Will you ever really want to again - even if minis are in fashion is that your style now??
  3. Ask a good friend to give you an honest opinion about what you look like in those you are uncertain of.
  4. If you have the energy - do a car boot sale or ebay them
  5. If not, have the charity bag ready, pop them in and feel liberated!