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RT @Ageing_Better: We're raising money for @NorthLDNCares with our very own bake sale. Lots of delicious cakes and biscuits on show! https:…

RT @OwenThompson: 'Young or old, loneliness doesn't discriminate' ~ Jo Cox. You can help by pledging to blether: https://t.co/dpnrelyNUj

West Country Branch started for all your older clients who need help moving home! Meet wonderful Carole and Tom… https://t.co/WxeQebkPNN

Love working in London with @seamrelocation. Just popping over Chelsea Bridge https://t.co/prTs4Yuohf

"Thanks for being in this business. I think it's a great service and much needed" kind client feedback after very busy, demanding week: phew

Another heart wrenching moment - literally. Found under an 80 year old's pillow - but we felt the rats were scarier… https://t.co/g2wMvr3Woc

Helping an 82 year old who has lived all his life in one house! Is this a record? Find out how do we do it at https://t.co/xOa2LnVdq6

RT @SocietyGuardian: Call for Women's March on London protesters to write to PM about Trump https://t.co/IKbRlzFPHP

Seamless help Older Womens' Cooperative Housing (OWCH) into their new homes https://t.co/fAoYHOHrkQ Congratulation… https://t.co/RzehJHnfH6

Wishing all our clients and associates a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

RT @ARCOtweets: Let’s Stand Up 4 Sitting Down and support older people by increasing seats on the high street #SU4SD https://t.co/YOj3048yyK

RT @FriendsElderly: Today, we remember all those who gave their lives & all those who are still fighting #ArmisticeDay #Lestweforget #Remem…

RT @age_uk: A couple who have been together 70 yrs have been allowed to live in the same care home following an online petition: https://t.…

I got rung 5 times by a friend with a dementia to say thank you - but his wife copes with this repetition 24/7. Hats off to all carers ...

Lovely client said "Well my siblings get the stuff - but I get the real thing from my mother's house - she's coming to live with me. :)

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"-Mary Oliver

New look Network | Analysis | Inside Housing https://t.co/xCW5QnTP5f

Shall I tell you my worst moment alone? https://t.co/QgZBj2D0nb please pause - Is there someone we can help to move so they aren't alone?

Husband can't face moving home? Here are some tips! https://t.co/igYmC1cswD

RT @Nike: Champions aren't born. They're made. #justdoit https://t.co/y1mNUJ9K3g

Wheelchair bound client's 84th birthday. She said I'm lucky to be alive & loved as we helped her move home: 9 storeys & a broken lift!

Recipe for Preserving Children: found clearing client's house. A moment of levity in an extraordinary week. Smile! https://t.co/slnjhfPqBr

Property shares tumble - but don't be put off moving home if you need to - life can't be put on hold.... https://t.co/rJZe6GxjuQ

RT @BrianMSeaman: The Wheelyboat Trust: making boats accessible https://t.co/2vNw0YvaIE via @DHorizons

Happy Birthday to the Queen. This is our celebratory mosaic! https://t.co/SD2qtF59kn

RT @retireeasyuk: Falling interest rates and rising house prices are helping lifetime mortgagees say @AgePartnership - our blog https://t.…

We give you lots of help to move eg arranging cleaning of your old home post move https://t.co/j1b5ewgB8W

"Thank you for caring" Our nicest comment from a client this week. Makes it all worthwhile :)

Sometimes matters get out of hand - we can help you sort it out in a friendly, kind and professional manner https://t.co/F92qgXSQQb

Today is Say Something Nice Day - go for it!

What does Brexit mean for house prices? We help clients with difficult decisions https://t.co/l3e6xCxYZm

RT @ClaireJAstbury: This picture is brilliant. So many skills and assets out there if you look for them https://t.co/mCl0iuuq3Z

RT @FirstStopAdvice: "Better housing can help tackle the crisis of loneliness in older people" https://t.co/FfmCdfpAtx @GuardianHousing #ol…

Congratulations to the Queen! ⚡ Twitter celebrates The Queen's 90th birthday by @BritishMonarchy https://t.co/34ttgmn0MB

RT @LeadingAge: Edward Hardy is 95. He has #dementia. But watch what happens to him when he sits at a piano https://t.co/kyjG3rWi1o via @Ne

RT @TheSilverLineUK: Give an older relative, friend or neighbour a hug, share a cuppa and tell them about us, this #NationalHugDay 0800 4 7…

Downton decor, Sixties-style or Tudor trimmings:. Interesting decor from Geffrey Museum! Dress your home for Xmas? https://t.co/dhrzAuToDr

#whathousing Congratulations Network Housing 3rd in housing Association of the year! https://t.co/g5o99SHHxU

Growing old is a journey best undertaken with a sense of humour and curiosity. by Irma Kurtz

RT @Girlings: We'll be stopping at 11am to take 2minutes to honour and remember those who have fallen to protect us all #ArmisticeDay #2min…



We offer a free initial consultation and prepare a quotation based upon our understanding of your needs.

At the consultation we will:


  • Discuss your needs with you and your family or friends
  • Explain how we work
  • Show you our DBS checks
  • Provide references


We send you and your family or friend (if you have asked us to) our quotation and once you have agreed, start work for you.

As every client is different we offer a bespoke service tailored  to reflect your specific requirements. To give you some idea, prices typically range from a few hundred pounds to five thousand pounds.  Please contact us for more information.