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After 15 fascinating yrs I am moving on from Seamless. Thank you for all your help, referrals & support. We have… https://t.co/aJgBkVuuoU

My suggestion on International Women's day: If you don't ask you don't get - so ask!

RT @trinityhospice: Before she died, Holly wrote an open letter sharing her life advice; her message being to not get bogged down with the…

Wishing Down-sizers, clients and the many professionals we work with a very MERRY CHRISTMAS https://t.co/v4ilGrz5Tf

Present no 24 for Down-sizers: Make a resolution to call in the experts in the new year - there is a time in life t… https://t.co/qZwatnRmvj

Present no 23 for Down-sizers: a kindly wardrobe cull because we all know there are clothes too big or small for us!

Present no 22 for Down-sizers: identify a bag to keep the essential documents safe https://t.co/LbGYtD4r98

Present no 21 for Down-sizers: a few hours help filing those papers! https://t.co/9ngFs4qB86

Present no 20 for Down-sizers: help them arrange re-direction of mail https://t.co/Xb1H1hedl0

Present no 19 for down-sizers: If they need more help call in the experts for some advice https://t.co/kdXX641P0k https://t.co/MaDelj9W0j

Present no 18 for Down-sizers: more Xmas cheer - well the mulled wine not the decorations! https://t.co/84wcoYArpv

Present no 17 for Down-sizers: Xmas cheer - maybe mince pies? https://t.co/ZIpC0PolAK

Present no 16 for Down-sizers: key labels to prepare for new people moving in https://t.co/WwfaKnupHe

Present no 15 for Down-sizers: wash up the pot afterwards! https://t.co/QKxhx8ndcC

Present no 14 for Down-sizers: take a one pot dish for dinner so there is no washing up just energy giving https://t.co/m4KTbPSM2z

Present no 13 for Down-sizers: give a few hours of your time to start sorting out the garage - there is more in the… https://t.co/KI4HiysPUS

Present no 12 for down-sizers: if you have to give them a gift - what about a hamper they can eat and keep the ener… https://t.co/OBYqzpUr0J

@SeemaKennedy @JoCoxLoneliness This is a sensitive report which we should all read and take heed. Well done.

Present no 11 for down-sizers: Spend an hour looking on their loft to see if there is anything really needed (or a… https://t.co/QVqpezhN8o

Present no 10 for down-sizers: It is Sunday - may be suggest a day off to relax from the organising and look outsi… https://t.co/oegGgRWpuM

Present no 9 for down-sizers: offer to take a few books to the charity shop https://t.co/yE2PYwOvvK

Present no 8 for down-sizers: may need to give a flying visit to give moral and santa support https://t.co/WJhE5LEPBM

Present no 7 for down-sizers: if the house and garage is really full then maybe hiring a skip is necessary? https://t.co/m8x21kH36g

Present no 6 for down-sizers: strong tape ready for the inevitable boxes ;) https://t.co/zVzBwjjsab

Present no 4 for down-sizers moving home: measuring tape to check what furniture can fit where! https://t.co/7e3sanpff9

Present no 5 for down-sizers: find out some good places that their pet can be looked after during the days of movi… https://t.co/dBLPm9AwUG

Present no 3 for down-sizers moving home: go on-line and find out the local freecycle group:… https://t.co/YfoTZJkgaN

No 2 present for Down-sizers moving home: unbelievably useful! https://t.co/GB7yMAkc7v

What to give the Downsizers for Christmas? - a present everyday for your downsizing clients, family and friends. n… https://t.co/nCsq7YnZUE

Always nice to get a Sunday Times mention - especially when it is entitled Hire a Professional! Thanks to a love… https://t.co/xojaqVYrvh

Burn the candles; use the nice sheets; wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is sp… https://t.co/MI1vOZYqQg

Congratulations Network Homes winner are #RESIAwards2017 https://t.co/iHy2Suy7WE

#resiawards good luck everyone and thanks to Network Homes for inviting us😊 https://t.co/ZaBJBmumw6

RT @FirstStopAdvice: How 'superagers' stay sharp in their later years @guardiannews https://t.co/zajl2hQAZN

Today is NEW HOME OWNERS DAY! (apparently) If you would like a new home - we can help you make it happen. How abo… https://t.co/ak6P4GlytU

Job well done. Can we help anyone you know? https://t.co/IcPVETxs3T

today is GET ORGANISED DAY. If you have a spare room like this and want help - contact us. https://t.co/C9WQpNdfLD

RT @PositiveAgeing1: Can meditation really slow ageing? https://t.co/Bjhkpz1Ssi Some very interesting research here. #mindfulness #positi…

RT @HISCEaling: 'Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life.' #wednesdaywisdom #quoteoftheday https://t.co


 March 2018: Seamless Relocation is now under new Management. 

The original founders of Seamless Relocation have now retired from their moving home services and have kindly handed it over to a Daughter and Mother duo who have worked alongside Charmian and Kim over the last 6 months learning the impeccable ways of how Seamless Relocation provides this wonderful service to people in need of moving home. Serena and Sonia have a background in property and helping the elderley. They previously ran a number of church charity projects for helping the homeless and the elderley which included feeding/clothing the homeless, arranging craft days, lunches and provided support for the elderley, furthermore arranging charity events to raise funds to feed the homeless and run special Christmas events for elderley people who were alone. We aim to use our knowledge and background to help our clients and assure they have a stress free, seamless move into their new homes. 

Other than the new management there are no other changes to Seamless Relocation and we still aim to provide the same excellent and kind services as Charmian & Kim have done all these years. We wish them the best of luck for their next step in their future and we look forward to being on this new venture helping you move home.



January 2017: OWCH (Older Women’s Cooperative Housing) is a group of women over fifty who have created their own community in a new, purpose-built block of flats in North London. The OWCH complex has 17 owner occupied flats and 8 which are for social rent. 

Finally, the complex is complete and Seamless Relocation were able to help OWCH members into their new homes. The last few exhausting and anxious months have taken their toll on many of the community and there is great relief as each person moves in.   The moving process has spanned months and many have downsized from large homes with a life time of possessions, so there have been difficult decisions to make along the way.   Seamless have helped with various aspects of moving home – selling, planning, arranging change of address letters, floorplans of furniture etc.   Much of the planning has involved close liaison between the OWCH members, relocation task group and with various removal companies.
  It has been an emotional and difficult time for members as completion dates have been uncertain.  Seamless has been supportive and professional to keep the members going to the end.
The OWCH treasurer said “It was a wonderful choice to have you to help us with moving in and helping with the scheduling  - we realise how much you did to make it all go smoothly.” 
Another OWCH client commented  “Seamless Relocation have from the beginning been extremely professional, sympathetic to my needs and supportive. In fact, everything you could wish for”
 Here are a couple of keen Seamless personnel at the end of moving in day with a very relieved client!

21 August 2015  Congratulations to the winner of our questionnniare draw  - M Richards of Kingston.  Thank you to all the other participants for your help.

February 2015 Joined Symponia  - an organization helping with Care Fees Planning


May 2014   Seamless Relocation celebrates its tenth anniversary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

 It has been an interesting decade for this company.    Quite a journey starting up the UKs first Moving Home Service for older people and establishing a highly customer focused product.  More fascinating insights in the next blog.
December 2013 Proud to be welcomed into the AGE UK BUSINESS DIRECTORY
October 2013
Great to celebrate Older People's day with our senior citizens in Ealing - thanks for your entertaining stories and fun.

July 2013
  Bronze Award for best 50+ Small Business in the UK



Recent publications include:

Housing LIN report "What role for extracare housing in a socially isolated landscape? "  P16 by Dr D Kneale from The International Longevity Centre  June 2013                                                                                                                                                                                    

Good customer service in the Times  " Brilliant advice and help from staff, extra help with good humour.... writes Rev Swain The Times Money section Take a Bow 11th August 2012


Helping to solve an age-old problem.   Moving can be a seamless process, writes Christopher Middleton...........The Telegraph Property section  20th April 2011

The golden rules for your golden years.  Whether you prefer a spot of adventure abroad or the quiet life closer to home, preparation is the key when it comes to retirement.......  Saturday Telegraph 26th November


Follow discussion in The Guardian on line


Helping older people choose the right home.  Outlines five models of support and advice offered to older people which help them consider where they want to live and to implement those decisions....... Eldelrly Accommodation Counsel and Communities for Local Government report 16th January 2012