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Moving Where?

Mon, 17/02/2014 - 15:53 - Charmian Boyd


Where to move to?  I often discuss this question with clients.  Such a decision is always personal and depends on many different factors.  These include friendship circles, type of accommodation, affordability, transport links, activities, environmental and health factors.

All of these are important and understanding their relative relevance is what makes the decision making so difficult.  For example does it make sense to live close to one’s old home and friends, when it is an expensive area and will mean less disposable income will be available to spend visiting the family who live abroad?   There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this – we all have to make choices and compromises and in this instance the balance is between friends and family. 

In order to try to make sense of this kind of dilemma I will inevitably ask clients the question - “What do you like doing most of the time?  What is most enjoyable and would you spend your time differently if you could?”  For most of us it is the personal interactions that make life interesting and pleasurable.   Sometimes they are simple and straightforward – meeting the same local shopkeepers, postman and acquaintances walking in the park.  Knowing an area and how local things and people work makes it easier to live.  On the other hand if one has a strong interest in a particular activity, for example playing bridge, one could find a group of similar new friends in a new location. 

So no easy answers to this question - it is personal and we have to start by asking searching questions!