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Beginning the discussion


It can be difficult to begin a discussion about moving home with your parents or relatives. Here are our suggestions:


  • Think positive – most older people do want to talk about matters but might be worried about it for different reasons. Perhaps they are concerned that you wouldn’t want the family home that you grew up in sold off. Perhaps they know they don’t have the energy to move without your help, but know you have many other commitments. Or maybe they can’t visualise the next place and are worried it will be a stereotypical residential home. Of course sometimes it isn’t right to move home – and all parties need to explore options fully – which we can help with
  • Talk sooner rather than later. Once your relative is ill, not only do decisions become more difficult but options can become more limited. It makes everything easier if Power of Attorney has been set up just in case. Contact us if you haven't done this and we can point you towards friendly experts.
  • Think about using a professional as a mediator to help  - such as Seamless Relocation. There is a lot of emotion and work moving home and the more relaxed and available you are to spend time with your relative the better. They would prefer you to be taking them out to lunch rather than turn out the garage, which we can do for you
  • We are positive about helping people to move because we have seen how clients lives are enhanced so dramatically – they have companionship, get regular meals, are safe & warm and have fun!


What to talk about

We would recommend keeping it general at first. When we talk to clients we think about six main areas of their life and how they interact: health & professional advice, finance, companionship & people, everyday tasks, safety and what more they want to enjoy in life.  If you would like us to be involved in helping with the decision and this discussion please talk to us.


Using Seamless Relocation

It is difficult to fit everything into our busy lives – jobs, house, children and ones relatives. We can help you with the latter – sensitively and with professional care we will fit in and organise your mother, father or other relative's home move.
We keep you (and others as necessary) informed by email or telephone, so that if you are geographically distant you and other family members know what is happening. If possible we like to have the initial meeting with you present so that you get to know us too, and agree what aspects of our help you and your relatives would benefit from.


A typical story

Dr X, headmaster of a 1000 pupil school, cared deeply about his mother who had been diagnosed with early stages of a dementia. After many weekends spent rushing 100 miles to see her and organise her life he finally discussed the move to a new Signature home being built near her. This is where Seamless stepped in because he and his mum needed help to organise the move – The house needed to be valued and sold, a lifetimes collection of books and sporting equipment needed to be disposed of and his mum, who was getting forgetful, needed support and planning to accomplish the move.
We handled every small detail keeping Dr X updated on a regular basis by email. When all was finally achieved, the best compliment was paid to Harriet, the move manager organising everything, by a staff member at the home “Oh I thought you were the daughter because you cared so much for Mrs X”.