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“Shall I tell you my worst moment alone?  The smiling old lady asked?  When I came back from hospital after a heart attack they helped me in, I stepped over the pile of letters unmoved from the mat, they made a sandwich and said they would telephone in the morning to make sure all was well and they left. I cried.
“Well, the nearly blind client said “they said that they would arrange volunteers to help me sort out the paperwork but they haven’t been back in touch so I suppose they haven’t found anyone who could help, but it is so difficult to cope alone.
“My husband’s accident fifty years ago meant he never walked again and he is ok in the care home but phones me after I have left every day to say that I have forgotten to take him back home  - forgetting that I am not able to look after him physically any more at our marital home.   I’m exhausted coping with this alone but will carry on visiting.
“I wake up panicking in the night worried that I will have forgotten something I really ought to do.  I just can’t cope with it alone
“My neighbours helped pick me up when I fell and shouted out through the wall to them.   It has convinced me to move somewhere smaller where help is available and I am not alone.  Thank God they were there this time.
“I live alone but my neighbours don’t know me and they wouldn’t come to help if I fell. It is such a worry.
“When I fell the alarm people didn’t come for two hours. I was so scared.  It was awful.
A few of the difficult stories we heard this last past week – all true – all shocking and making us profoundly sad.   At least we can do something to help these people by finding better places for them to live…  
PS Have you checked on your elderly neighbours?