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RT @jrf_uk: #Carehomes look after 400,000 and employ over 1m people - we need to value the contribution of this vital service: http://t.co/

Enjoyed working for London clients this week http://t.co/My7rtQMqu4

RT @CaringCloud: Top 40 life ambitions for over-65s: list - Telegraph http://t.co/JVwGftSNre

"I've been married to my wife 60 yrs, of course I'm going to go on caring for her now she has dementia". Sad & wonderful quote from client

RT @Fire_Kills: Pledge to #TickTockTest your smoke alarms when you change your clocks on 25/26 October http://t.co/AfBEJZ12O3 http://t.co/n

@timrgill hi charmian.boyd@seamlessrelocation.com how are you? Just been clearing the homezone playground! Hoping to do wall for cinema

Couple sell family home for an extra £76,000 by including their cat. None of our clients have had to do this!! http://t.co/ZHR27dEAqR

RT @LangtonCare: GPs in London are referring older people to pet handling projects to reduce social isolation http://t.co/lXacAj0O7D

I am a 1000 times better off here at St Joseph's Care Home (Vauxhall) than in my flat - another succesful client moved home :)

@Emma230389 hello we are in South of uk. Mainly London & home counties. Happy to help in other places too. :)

RT @ILCUK: The % of people who plan to rent or sell property to fund retirement has increased to 16% http://t.co/1YUFZHZlaK

RT @leeinroyston: Celebrating @OlderPeoplesDay Find out how 100 UK Men's Sheds are keeping older men healthier and happier for longer http:…

Please have a look at this petition, it means a lot to me: https://t.co/GBmIrFkqtA via @38_degrees

My moving home motto: you can look back, but not go back, so go forward and enjoy new friendships and opportunities ;)

Helping client with mobility problems today to begin to sell & move from town house with 7 sets stairs! Seeking Belsize flat with no steps

Why do some solicitors wait until a week before clients are meant to move home to ask vital legal questions? :( others are v organised:)

Hurrah! Successfully moved 87 year old stuck in his 4th floor flat for 6 months due to lack of mobility. Hope he enjoys new home & company

Aged Aunt's guest blog now up "Raise your tits by 10 degrees" http://t.co/ykN4RSOfpX

"Once I discovered you I slept for the first time in ages. I was so worried about my move" our favourite client quote of the week!

great service to get a wheelchair sorted @actionmobility.co.uk thank you

Older clients are upset by unwanted calls: remind them Register FREE Telephone Preference Service 0845 703 4599 http://t.co/O12CW3LvGO

Thanks to all the staff at Coombe Hill Manor for a great opening day http://t.co/KurTBYZkqt Good to see our clients already settled in

RT @TheStrokeAssoc: It's #FactsheetFriday and today we're sharing our info on how stroke and #ministroke can affect your ability to drive...

This lovely lady wanted a label too, so we didn't forget to move her! She enjoyed a laugh at a serious time... http://t.co/uKpq8DHcd3

RT @AgeUKLondon_BD: Community update on the Age UK London Business Directory, how we are working with #trusted #traders and serving you: ht…

What do you think about our new web site? http://t.co/y6JOXYJdMJ

Moved three people of 90+ this week - seamlessly of course but it is tiring and better done younger!

Lego to make women scientists figures! http://t.co/sC3EEpP1L0 Are we so stereotyped this has only just happened?

Being bilingual 'slows brain ageing' Interesting research I will pass on to clients http://t.co/nzGdYIGmvN

AUDIO: Dementia sufferer: 'I feel no different' Good to hear positive approach. Will encourage clients to listen http://t.co/kO2fQ4xJz5

VIDEO: How does it feel to grow old? Could we just understand by talking to older people instead! http://t.co/uqOOR6UUYs

New NHS boss backs smaller hospitals sounds good news for older people http://t.co/fv5o2MV7cV

Thanks to a client today - a 70 year old helping her 93 year old mum who said "Its great to have an expert to help with all of this".

Web training 'would cut loneliness' Yes web can help but it can isolate too because you don't have to go out http://t.co/3DLyuchgee

Another rainy week - think positive - plenty of de-cluttering time! Let us help you paper, clothes,crockery etc http://t.co/zbV7ZRoSyN

Had to share lovely weekend on Isle of Wight http://t.co/iCwEvheFXo

on my way to work today saw this lovely rose- must be because #RHS Chelsea is on! http://t.co/AK1AF80DT0

Stopped to chat to a 90 year old who lives in the next street. Embarrassingly he thanked me for talking :o Personal resolution: talk more

BBC News - The National Trust house that is heated by sea water http://t.co/Y4TWrwl3uX Great. lets do more!

A challenge of a client with considerable mental health issues moving home yesterday - surmounted & good to see happy client in better home

  • What we do
  • Why move home?

Practical support to help you move home

A caring and independent downsizing service to enable older people and others requiring support to move home. Highly experienced, we take care of all aspects of moving home.

From finding a new property, selling the old, de-cluttering, organising utilities and services through to settling you in on moving day, we can help with all or just part of the move.

We work

  •     With individuals and families to move from mansions and maisonettes to more suitable accommodation
  •     Alongside care professionals who need trustworthy and experienced support for their vulnerable clients and seniors
  •     To assist organisations transfer tenants from larger properties to free up family sized homes or to support regeneration
  •     As a resource for corporates for their employees and their families


 Whether you are 55 or 95 our goal is to make each move or downsize as positive and smooth as possible for all concerned. Proud supporters of Older People's Day.


or give us a call on 0208 621 3553 to learn more


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