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Met great carer this pm - putting on vinyl records and offering fresh fruit to our client :))

RT @GiveBloodNHS: Register now to become a blood donor and save or improve up to three lives. https://t.co/zyjjuaJwYX

Lovely client said "Thank you so much for the EMPOWERMENT" - Moving home is so much more than just moving boxes http://t.co/Wj2LQTDuAf

RT @AgingCare: The Healing Power of Pets for Elderly People http://t.co/aI7aCci6Dz

Major translocation from London, after over 50 years, to Lincoln. Credit & thanks to you for keeping us focussed and on track. Nice email!

RT @ageuksolihull: Please take care in this hot weather, drink plenty of water and wear loose clothing #tip #heatwave #olderpeople

Discovered the de-cluttering terminology used in the states - TRASH OR TREASURE! No ambiguity there! Call us if you want some help ;)

thanks to our wonderful women who clean a house post move - a small but vital part of our team:) You'll make the old & new owners happy ;)

"I just don't know where to begin" - we do and we will sort out the task of planning a home move - let your friends and clients know we can!

Do you know someone weighed down by books - we can help sort em! - whether you are moving home or not. http://t.co/ekAVJnDTiO

did you spring clean this bank holiday? If you are overwhelmed with stuff - as this client was, call us... http://t.co/E5W7kSeVcr

Happy bank holiday weekend to you all ;) enjoy whatever you do.

NEW HOMES built by Barratts if you fancy views over West #London http://t.co/QJ2j65YMgQ

Client said "you've reduced the complexity of moving home by careful planning, checklists and common sense" - Yes systems work for us.

Asked an 87 year old if she really needed her tent as she downsized - she pondered - and conceded probably not. We're good at questioning!

Had to tweet we helped budgies to move home today ;))) cheep. http://t.co/frSgsEEQhh

New homes are being build - here Barratt's tower if you fancy views in West #London http://t.co/PfeaABu60W

A week of contrasts helping people move home - fantastic 2ww pilot, couple needing marriage guidance & artist ex council flat - great work

Buying a house? You will need £12,000 just to move - http://t.co/YknCgX44MC . But ask us for tips to reduce costs http://t.co/TdvzyuhrFy

Confused by housing choices for older people? - check out straight forward list at http://t.co/gyQoz2xmdc

Congratulations to Network Housing Group on completing 1550 new #homes! http://t.co/OVcpIomKvX

Some days are sad. Helping a 75 yr old who has lived since age of 10 in family house to move home. We will need to be sensitive & positive

Interesting day #decluttering and found this which we will try to get sold for our client - a mobile typewriter! http://t.co/vDebMQKqO0

Good morning #London! Off to see a client bright and early as it is moving home day! http://t.co/Z32vvOE1v2

Packing to go into #storage? Essential tips on #MOTHS at http://t.co/hshhvc6CFq

Thank you for a wonderful #move - could not have gone better. From S...,the cats & dogs : Why I love my job -happy clients,great results

Used to helping #relocate personnel but there must be a lot in this carrier in the solent yesterday! http://t.co/6XGblibpw6

Love your old folk #GoodAdviceIn4Words http://t.co/lwg5dqYWDY

#Hoarding takes on another meaning http://t.co/KoUcMHszRh

RT @nestusHQ: Not just a number. Take a look at these #elderlycare #statistics @LBC http://t.co/lYPiXNNOzN http://t.co/cxR0XkJRy6

This wasn't needed when a client #downsized. What is it ? Call us if you need help re-homing surplus #stuff http://t.co/mzg1BRvYJw

BRAVE men on International Women's Day 2015: Afghan men wear burqas to campaign for ... - The Independent. http://t.co/PMCwpCwEKX

Asked if I had wings today! ?Angel?;) helping sisters with emotional job of clearing out & selling family home after parents moved to #care

Can you ever have too many books we ask on World #book day? If you are #downsizing maybe yes - if so talk to us!

lovely drive back from #work - yes this is Richmond Park #London wildlife! http://t.co/RBOQdbkrKc

Looking out of the office at a robin that has come down to eat crumbs in the glorious sunshine. #Live the moment!

Not taking the stairs with me when I #move #home. ;) My joints are happy. http://t.co/c9q6qHEBzH

Not taking with me when I #move #home - the garden - thank goodness. Will have lawns mown by someone else ;) http://t.co/UVIepW1QO9

Happy #Valentine's day to you all. Thanks to my dearest for the hearts and love. http://t.co/NhXeBolSuY

What did the #downsizers discard? Lots of glass after we'd asked how much entertaining was planned in a 2 bed flat. http://t.co/SZYsDlWl6K

  • What we do
  • Why move home?

Practical support to help you move home

A caring and independent downsizing service to enable older people and others requiring support to move home. Highly experienced, we take care of all aspects of moving home.

From finding a new property, selling the old, de-cluttering, organising utilities and services through to settling you in on moving day, we can help with all or just part of the move.

We work

  •     With individuals and families to move from mansions and maisonettes to more suitable accommodation
  •     Alongside care professionals who need trustworthy and experienced support for their vulnerable clients and seniors
  •     To assist organisations transfer tenants from larger properties to free up family sized homes or to support regeneration
  •     As a resource for corporates for their employees and their families


 Whether you are 55 or 95 our goal is to make each move or downsize as positive and smooth as possible for all concerned. Proud supporters of Older People's Day.


or give us a call on 0208 621 3553 to learn more


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